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The growth engine for today’s most innovative founders & ecommerce brands

Our owned and operated warehouses are built for direct-to-consumer brands & online platforms to accelerate growth and sustainably scale

We simplified the online selling process

You've done the hard part. Now let us do the heavy lifting.

At Airyze (air ease), we made fulfilling online orders easy. Simply connect your online store with a few clicks, send us your inventory and you are all set. Actually it’s not that simple, FIRST we get to know you, your team and your brand along with what you are looking for in a fulfillment partner. If we mutually agree on that shared vision, THEN we take it from there.

Orders are picked, packed and shipped out the same day. We take care of all the behind-the-scenes heavy lifting in getting your product directly to the end customer, giving you more time to focus on building your brand. 

Our in-house resources and proprietary, brand building tools were specifically designed for direct-to-consumer brands. Our azSMART suite allows us to couple high-touch with high-tech, providing the most customized experiences without sacrificing fast, affordable fulfillment.

Flexible and affordable without sacrificing customization or quality

How It Works



Connect your online store to our integrated dashboard



Send your products directly to our fulfillment centers



Customers place orders on your online store


We Ship

We pick, pack and ship the order to the customer

Airyze is an ecommerce fulfillment business in search for direct-to-consumer brands and founders building authentic customer experiences

Our Team is built of like-minded entrepreneurs with significant experience working with some of the fastest-growing ecommerce brands in addition to the largest cloud-based fulfillment providers. Through our experience, we understand what to do (and what not to do) when taking care of the brands we work with. Your brand is your identity, and we understand how hard you worked to build it.

Find a fulfillment partner that is designed to grow with you


Ecommerce Fulfillment

We pick, pack and ship your product after a customer places an order based on your specific brand requirements. 

Multichannel Integration

We integrate all your online stores into a single connected dashboard to organize selling operations.

Inventory Management

Proactively manage all inventory levels and product location no matter where items are throughout the supply chain.

Analytics & Insight

Tech enabled tools to enhance forecasting, increase selling insight and make data-driven decisions to better operate your business. 

Returns Management

We quickly and efficiently process returns to get products back in active inventory or resolve item issues.

Discounted Shipping

Steep negotiated discounts on shipping rates from all the top carriers through our high volume rates.

B2B & Retail Restock

DTC fulfillment is our core focus, but we have developed the internal infrastructure to handle bulk B2B jobs and regional/ national restocking programs.

Simple Pricing Plans

The flexible pricing creates a simple structure that allows you to only pay for what you need, when you need it. Its that simple.

Every brand has an identity. Deliver it.

Cart to customer ™

Post-purchase process

1. Sell

Customer purchases product(s) from your online store.

2. Process

We receive the order at one of our fulfillment centers.

3. Pick

The product(s) in the order are picked from the storage shelves.

4. Pack

The product is packed based on your specific brand requirements. 

5. Ship

We ship the order directly to the end customer the same day.

Going above & beyond

We are not your standard logistics partner

We take a differentiated approach to what it means to be a supply chain solution. As other service providers are increasingly trying to standardize operations, we are doing the opposite. Our focus is on the experience, which means giving you all the necessary resources to deliver your brand exactly how you envisioned it.

Solutions to help better manage day-to-day operations

Dedicated support & DTC expertise

Account Management

Our brand partners come first. No matter the day or time, our customers can connect with our team via email, text, call to resolve issues or get questions answered. We take great pride in working with amazing brands and providing dedicated support is a top priority.

Customer Support

Stop dealing with timely inquires regarding the delivery status or returns process. We are happy to take this off your to-do list and handle logistics related customer support. Our team can quickly respond to questions and efficiently solve issues that may arise for your customers.

Flexible Fulfillment

We get it, forecasting can be extremely difficult especially with increasingly shifting customer preferences. Our Flexible Fulfillment optionality gives you the resources to meet demand requirements on a moments notice. Whether it is an on the fly seasonal promo or an impromptu product pivot, our resources ensure that you execute, no matter how immediate the notice.

DTC Expertise

The Airyze Team is comprised of like minded entrepreneurs and visionaries. We have our own experience starting ecommerce brands and services so we can directly relate to the daily functions of running an online business. We developed proprietary tools to solve common start up “pain points” and are now giving exclusive access to our brand partners.

Whether you are pre-launch or booming business, we can help

Who we assist

You are a direct-to-consumer brand

That needs further assistance with physical operations and enhancing customer experiences

You have an authentic community or fanbase

Looking to better connect with engaging followers & fans through branded merchandise and custom experiences 

You are a traditional brand expanding online

Trying to make physical and digital world activities more manageable

You are a drop shipping company

Wanting increased product control, oversight and quality control

You are a subscription box sender

Trying to deliver highly-customized kits and boxes on a monthly, weekly or quarterly basis

You are a growing online store​

Needing a partner to help with the heavy lifting to fulfill orders and ship products

How are you building your brand

Ask the questions

Our mission is to redefine what it means to be a true logistics partner. Working directly with brands to turn a cost-center into a competitive advantage.

Interested in learning more?

Drop us a quick note to see if we are able to help with your fulfillment needs. Simply fill out the contact form and we will reach out.

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Find a partner that is prepared to help you navigate the complexities of modern commerce